Worried about your first visit?

If so there is no need to beeverything is explained below …

For Adults (see below for children)

Your first appointment will take up to an hour to complete and in nearly all cases we aim to spend a considerable amount of this time in treatment to start getting you better on the day.

You’ll be asked questions to understand your present condition, how it came to be with you and how its affecting your life. Further interest will be taken about your overall medical picture, both past and present so that I can gain a true understanding of who you are and how you’ve come to be in pain today.

By this stage, I’ll have a good idea what the problem you are experiencing is all about, and you’ll be free to ask as many questions as you wish so that its firm in your mind too, in fact is worth mentioning that at any stage you can ask me questions, its your body, your appointment and its you that needs to be fixed.

Then you’ll be asked to lie down, face up in most cases, on my treatment couch in the most comfortable position for you. It might then be required that I conduct further tests if appropriate.

Depressed woman awake in the night, she is touching her forehead and suffering from insomnia

Treatment options and likely outcome will then be chatted through with you and then treatment can begin (where appropriate that is).

At the end of the treatment sessions, a comparison as to how you were before treatment and how you are at the end will give us both a firm indication of whether you can be fixed and how long this might take all things being equal.

You’ll end the treatment session with more answers than you started and for most of my patients feeling considerably easier of both body and mind, safe in the knowledge that someone else has your back.

A follow up appointment time/date will then be decided upon and booked there and then. For acute cases of discomfort, this should be within three to five days, for more chronic cases then anytime in the next week is best.

Make your appointment today- Call / Text 07894 707745 or book online


For Children & Babies

The first time we meet, we’ll need to go into great details about your pregnancy and the birth and then explore post natal life such as feeding, growth and development etc?  Its always really useful if this form can be completed ahead of your visit see here (ensure you email the form to me please care@thefamilyosteopath.co.uk).

We’ll then take time to chat and discuss the possible issues surrounding why you have bought your child in for help and what it is I can do for you. Note for older children where behavioural issues and or anxiety etc is the reason for your visit, I’m always happy to have this conversation with you before the visit so that the child is as relaxed as possible.

In terms of examination and treatment, again this is really light and un-invasive, time and great care is taken to ensure both you and your child are comfortable and relaxed as this will ensure a better outcome. Most babies are treated in the arms of their parents and older children can read stories or watch their favourite program whilst sat on your lap, teenagers well they just want to lie down anyway hey so they get to use the couch.

At any point in the treatment, you can ask questions and talk through what it is I’m doing and what I hope to achieve etc, it really is open and easy.

In almost every case, children love to be treated, it’s calming and caring.