Most patients enjoy their cranial sessions finding it an extremely pleasant and relaxing experience.

Fully clothed you are assessed osteopathically to establish any obvious and gross dysfunctional patterns in your body. This might sound scary, but its not, its painless and involves seeing how you are able to move your body in certain directions and then with light touch and care, how your osteopath can gently move your body.

When an overall impression is taken, you will be asked to lie down on the treatment couch and make yourself comfortable in which ever position is best for you. Using the lightest of touch, starting off in most occasions down by your feet but inevitably moving up to your head, gentle holds assess and correct your IVM (see here for explanation of IVM).

You are not pulled, pushed, clicked or hurt, its just not necessary.

Patients describe feelings of warmth, intense relaxation, sleepiness, drifting and body unwinding all in the context of an improvement in their health.

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