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Results from this treatment have been amazing! I was recommended Ben by a friend after being in pain for over 8 years and had pretty much given up any hope of being pain free again. I have no idea how it works, despite Ben explaining it to me, but it works wonders!
Due to various horse riding injuries the pain in my back and shoulders were so severe, I had not only given up horse riding and sport in general but found it a lot of effort to pick up everyday items or walk up stairs. I was starting to think I had the mobility of a 90 year old.
With a few months treatment I am pain free and feel phenomenally better and happier!

L. Williams

We highly recommend Ben for treating colic and/or silent reflux in your little one. We went to see Ben following a recommendation from another Mum, and we now have a completely different and contented little baby boy. Ben was also helpful in helping me see what adjustments I needed to make (not worrying too much!!) as a new mum and we now have a happy little family household. Ben is also a really lovely person and will make you feel at ease instantly. Best thing we could have done for our little boy. Thanks again Ben

J. Tupper

Wow, what can i say, my 13 year old son has been transformed! Ben has magic hands and a wonder manner to which children can relate and trust. I was recommended to come to Ben from two friends and have since spoken about and realised that there are many more people who have also used Bens experience to help their children with many different issues. I wouldn’t hesitated to encourage anyone to visit him, even the teachers at my sons school have asked for contact details as the changes they have seen in him have impressed them so much. Thankyou Ben, whatever you do is absolutely amazing!!

T. Kirton

I took my 12 week old baby to see Ben for help with his vision. He was diagnosed with delayed visual maturation at 10 weeks old and I was desperate for anything that could help him to see. I am amazed with the progress our little boy has made since his first appointment. Within a week there was a noticeable difference and improvement with his vision. He has started focussing on faces and is able to track objects. At our follow up appointment Ben could really see the difference too. I don’t question how it works it just has and I’m so grateful to Ben for all he has done.


For the past 12 months Ben has been treating me for migraines. I had been plagued with these horrific headaches for 3 years or so and they were having the most dreadful effect on, not only my life, but my family’s too. It was when my GP suggested I start taking beta blockers that I contacted Ben – I haven’t look back since! In September of last year I was able to complete my first half marathon, something that would have been a physical impossibly 18 months ago. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough.


I don’t really understand fully how cranial osteopathy works but then I don’t need to – what I do know is that it makes things better! When I first arrived at The Family Osteopath everything was ‘out of balance’: I couldn’t turn and look over my shoulder (quite dangerous when driving) had had recurrent lower back issues for years, was struggling with recurrent knee pain (stopping me from playing tennis and netball), yet after a series of treatments ALL of the issues were resolved. Occasionally some of the above symptoms return (after a period of stress) so I book in to see Ben and within one or two treatments everything is back in balance. Having had a fairly serious RTA as I child I know that some of my symptoms stem from that so I now try to schedule a maintenance treatment in every few months. For anyone who thinks cranial ‘light touch’ osteopathy is a bit weird, put your scepticism aside and give it a few sessions. I was so glad I did!

R. Thomas

when I was pregnant I had PSD. And after the birth of my son (5 years ago) my pelvis did not return to normal. It prevented me from doing certain activities i.e gym etc. I had physio treatment which did not work. I decided to go to Ben for treatment and I wish I went to him in the begining. Within a few sessions I felt like I had my life back. I was able to do things that I couldn’t do before, due to the pain. I’m not in pain anymore. Now I feel I am in control again thanks to Ben. I work in the health care industry and I recommend him to everyone! Thanks Ben!

G. Smith

I saw Ben earlier this year for my lower back pain which, post two pregnancies, had become increasingly painful so that by the evening I could barely walk. After the first treatment most of the pain had gone, and after four treatments my back was sorted, and I felt well and active again, the best result when ‘mum’ is required to be hands on in the evenings! Thank you so much Ben, it’s an amazing treatment and so effective. If you have back pains I couldn’t recommend The Family Osteopath more.


5 years ago Ben took on the challenge of our 18 month old unhappy and non sleeping daughter and single handedly gave us our lives (and sleep!) back. Our daughter has been a calmer person ever since and I put that down entirely to Ben’s treatments. Ben has been a huge help in the treatment of our elder daughter’s glue ear and an ongoing support in treating a lower back and knee problem. Ben is calm, kind and professional and his osteopathic training gives him the ability to help with any number of health problems. Thank you!


I have visited Ben over a number of years for different injuries and I cannot recommend him highly enough. With a calm and personable approach he works to get to the root of the problem to help provide a long term solution. The well being of his patients is Ben’s overriding concern and there is nobody I would trust more with my health. Ben deserves all the plaudits he receives.

M. Smith

Ben was the last port of call for me and my 6 month old baby Titus. Titus had numerous problems from about 6 weeks old with his digestive system and was deemed by the NHS as a Failure to Thrive baby. I took him to London to a private GP who recommended that we go to GOSH and The Portland to see various professionals. After a complete lack of diagnosis and any sort of relief from the constant screaming a local friend said I should go and see Ben. That was 2 years ago and I can honestly say that our life is completely different now. Titus now sleeps like a lamb and for the first time in 10 years I do not have debilitating headaches. Ben is kind, thoughtful, has a wonderful touch with children, a hoot to talk to and has become a good friend. Every time I come out of a session with Ben I feel more able to cope with the busy stresses of life. 5 stars Ben

A. Baalack

I recently saw Ben about my bad back which I’ve had for over a decade. After just five sessions the daily twinges and pain have gone and I’m now able to exercise again. Ben is really friendly and professional and is genuinely focused on getting you better, and will go out of his way to try and fit you into his busy schedule.
I would throroughly recommend him. Thankyou Ben.


Best Osteopath this part of the country by far! Ben is not only an excellent Osteopath with a holistic approach to treatment but he is also a lovely and professional guy. I actually really look forward to my appointments even though some treatments can be uncomfortable.

T. Collins

A year ago I had really bad pains in both my feet back and shoulders now I’m in no pain in my feet and my shoulders and back are a lot better thanks to Ben .so if your in any pain don’t wait any longer ring Ben you won’t regret it .

M. Bowden

I can’t recommend Ben highly enough, his treatment is the only effective relief I have found for migraines.

K. Bendall

Ben is knowledgeable, professional and has a wonderful way about him. He treated my six day old baby with wonderful results.


Ben is a most proficient and excellent osteopath who walks his talk. Thanks to his knowledge and deeper understanding of cause and effect he has given me back all of my mobility!! Very deeply appreciated too!


Marvellous practice. Ben is personable and professional.


Ben, I can’t thank you enough for taking my headaches away, Boots next door will be out of business if you carry on, I hated taking painkillers for so long …

Mrs Withall, Quenington

I should just like to say that after18 months of intense pain in my left leg, which was diagnosed as Sciatica, I am now virtually pain free.

I was recommended to see Ben Court by my daughter in law who swears by the treatment he has given to her young son.

I was on quite a lot of painkillers to help relieve the pain, but am now on none at all!

I would certainly recommend Ben to anyone needing osteopathy treatment, as it has certainly worked for me.!

Mavis Verrechia, Fairford

Hi Ben,
I would like to thank you for the excellent treatment you gave me on my very painful shoulder.
I had suffered with it for about eight months and could not sleep or use it very much as it was restrictive and sore.
The pain and lack of sleep was not getting any better so I fixed up a consultation with you. After a few appointments my shoulder was a lot easier and less painful to use and is now almost completely pain free and not waking me at night.
I wish I had seen you sooner and saved myself a lot of discomfort.
Thank you once again Ben.

Graham Bendall, Stroud

Hi Ben,

Merry Xmas, just a quick thank you for all of the treatment over the pass 10 years. It is comforting to know that you are a call away. My issues have ranged from a niggle to severe, you have always fitted me in and eased my pains. Your advice regarding a torn meniscus was invaluable recommending I see a surgeon rather than more treatments (money saved thank you). I wish you and your family all the best in 2014.

Craig Rowe, Fairford

Hi Ben,

Just to let you know – great success with treatment on Monday – after my treatment my headache had completely gone !!!! – a few twinges on Tuesday but came to nothing, and no headache since.

Hope it continues – will let you know if I they return.

Many thanks


Susie Read, RGN

I have attended the family osteopath for a few years now on and off for my back. It was while in one of these appointments Ben mentioned his cranial work with children.

A few months later I took my 9 yr old Daughter K to see Ben. I had been concerned for a while as K seemed to have a block on any verbal communication we had. Originally I put this down to her just taking her frustrations out on the one person who was there as when out with others people would go out of their way to say told how lovely and helpful she was. K’s behaviour towards me had now begun to affect our relationship and I was beginning to see no return from the destructive cycle.

K has always been independent thinking and confident but this was more. To add more confusion to her I started a relationship, K had never had to share my attention and despite knowing and liking my partner it was obviously confusing for her.

K saw Ben weekly at first but this has quickly reduced to once a month. The impact has been amazing, K is more receptive to me and open, her reactions are far less extreme and she seems happier in herself. It is so good to see and enjoy. We still have our moments but I expect these, she is growing up and it’s all very confusing and sometimes overwhelming for any child but these moments are now few and far between, we now have a relationship and I touch wood and say a good one.

Kristina I

Hi Benjamin

Here is my blurb for your web page

Since deciding to get help from Ben for my terrible back pain my life has totally changed.

I used to cry because I was in so much pain. But six months later I’m turning up the volume on my radio and having a good old boogie around the kitchen.

I feel fantastic and I’m so happy I turned to osteopathy instead of pain killers. What a difference Ben has made to my life.

I’m so grateful as are my family to see me pain free again

Hope that will do?

See u in May


Nicky Wren

Thank you for giving me my boy back!!

He was so much happier today – still very clingy but so much more himself!!

His cough is sounding clearer too but I think I’d like you to see him again anyway just to make sure he’s still going the right way!

Thank you again – you’re amazing!!

Lou Baines

Dear Ben. I will be in touch later but just to say that yesterday's treatment really

Many thanks,


Hi Ben,
Hope you are well too, and you are very welcome re the recommendation. I would recommend anyone to see
you, as I have been more then pleased with my results!!! May even do the Marathon next time!!!
Take care.

Mavis. x

Listen Bro. I feel amazing. So much better in neck and back – more movement and less stiffness. Generally holding myself tense less.

Thank you.

A Singh, Quenington

Most people when they hear the words Cranial Osteopath think its a treatment that is going to hurt – nothing could be further from the truth. It is an incredibly gentle way of helping the body. Most people also think Cranial Osteopathy is just for bad backs, knees and that type of thing. I can personally testify that ben treat many more complex issues too.

I have fibromyalgie a distressing, exhausting neurotransmitter condition – causing muscle and tnedon pain, non-vegitatitive sleep, myofascial pain and many symptoms similar to ME – to add to this the brain also sends out inappropriate pain messages! Ben has been treating me for the over production of adrenaline that fuels this condition. Alon the way he has treated my classic back problems, depression, sinus congestion, bursitis of the hip and severe neuralgic pain. He has been brilliant as responding to emergency calls for help with claustrophobic panic attacks last year.

The treatment sessions are warm and relaxing – as is Ben himself. He is very understanding and really listens and works very hard to give the best treatment he can, to each individual body.

S. Hedger

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