The average adult head weighs about the same as a bowling ball and bad posture can cause your head to deviate from its most comfortable position to one that can substantially increase the weight that the muscles and joints in the neck and shoulders have to hold, net result being pain in the form of local tension, arm pains and often headaches spreading from the neck to up and over the head.

Trauma to the neck is also very common, especially in car accidents and falls. The speed and unprotected elements of these type of injuries can lead to substantial tissue damage and cause a long list of symptoms to arise; neck pain, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, reduced ability to turn and bend, low back pain, pins and needles, and numbness or muscle spasms in the shoulders, arms and hands.

Your family osteopath will conduct a thorough investigation of your neck and related areas to determine where tissues have been damaged and then consult with you as to the best way forward for treatment. Successful treatments for the most severe and chronic neck presentations are common place, but a key to success is getting to your family osteopath for treatment as soon as you can after the event, whether that is days or years depending on your situation.

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