Athletic and sports injury treatments

Sports injuries can be a very real problem for all athletes, from the social squash or tennis player to the highly tuned athlete competing at top level sporting events.

Sports injuries are often not the case of a simple muscle strain or local trauma that should be expected as par for the course. Your osteopath has to ask the question; why has the injury occurred there, why now and why to you, so that they can really get to the root of the problem and get you back to full fitness for longer and perhaps with advanced performance.

You will be assessed to ensure that there are no underlying mechanical issues, such as an imbalance in the pelvis or spinal misalignment, that may be clinically silent, but that may be loading your muscles and tendons to the brink of collapse allowing trauma to occur with only the slightest of excess exertion.

Obviously, where local traumas present such as a twisted shoulder or sprained wrist from a fall, your osteopath will help to reduce the pain and speed up the healing process ready for the next onslaught on the rugby field!

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