My back feels vulnerable but I can live with it, am I risking opening a can of worms by seeking treatment with you, or should I leave well alone?

This is a very common question and very understandable too.

For most patients, the tipping point between putting up with the pain and all that this entails (worry, low energy, not able to do the things you want to do, sleep disturbances etc) has to weighed up against any potential upset, no matter how rare that possibility might be.

I see a number of patients a month, who have left their condition longer than they should, for a variety of different reasons, and then a catastrophic breakdown occurs, nearly always at a time that is difficult (if there ever is a right time that is, but essentially in our busy lives any unexpected “timeout” is difficult). This results in a difficult and painful scenario which has to be handled carefully and slowly and often takes a considerable more amount or treatment and time to set right compared to relative simplicity of treating it beforehand.

One option is to give us a call and ask the questions, you’ll get good honest advice from us as far as we can without seeing you. Another option, is to book an appointment to let us review the whole situation, and then we can discuss whether or not treatment is a good idea or not, and what the likelihood of there being “a can of worms” opened.

Please remember in all cases, we are not bruts, “no pain, no gain” is not a motto we work to, and our five years healthcare professional training really means you’re in safe hands.

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