The Family Osteopath’s, Baby & Children Osteopathy Practice (B.C.O.P) enters its 15th year!

The health of our youngest is an essential part of my cranial osteopathy work and a passion of mine. I welcome all families to contact me to discuss their children's health and wellbeing needs? This is especially important in these COVID 19 times where a lot of angst and health concerns are showing up in our children - for babies it can be a sense of general unsettledness, colic, sleep, and reflux issues, for our older children tummy aches and behavior anomalies are seeping through.  Help is available, lets talk?

Treatment and assessment are by myself, Ben Court, registered Osteopath and cranial specialist.

“I want to prevent and treat the issues that I see so often in babies & children who have not had some cranial help and support after birth and beyond”.

Cranial Osteopaths strongly believe it’s Normal for babies & children to:

  • Cry only for communication when they need to feed/sleep/change etc
  • Be settled
  • Be comfortable on their backs
  • Be contented and to sleep well
  • Be able to feed and latch without issues and with no reflux or vomiting
  • Be in 100% alignment avoiding bodily strains/pains and preventing flat head syndrome (plagiocephally) and other physical issues in later life (as the twig is bent so grows the tree)!
  • Be free from congested eyes and constant colds
  • Be happy and relaxed
  • Be free from tummy pains or headaches
  • Be free from stressful and emotional upset including behaviour issues
  • Be free from growing pains
  • Be well aligned with good posture

“I simply believe that Cranial Osteopathy offers you the best opportunity to ensure your
babies and children are fulfilling their 100% health/life potential, as the OCC say – every child is a success story waiting to happen and this is best achieved by them being free from the strains of birth and life knocks that happen inevitably along the way whether they be physical, emotional or chemical in nature”

Ben Court – registered osteopath.

I want to book my child in how is this done?

We have many Health Visitors, GP’s, and other healthcare professionals including; birthing partners, midwives, lactation consultants, etc who refer babies and children to us (often older children are referred by schools and education psychologists etc), but a formal referral is not necessary.

Initial assessment & treatment is £65 with follow up treatment sessions costing £45.

Clinic Address: The Family Osteopath, 11 High St, Fairford, GL7 4AD.

Making a booking:

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    The Clinic is open in Fairford Monday - Friday. Sadly we are not able to offer a walk in service so all appointments must be made before hand.
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    You must please, complete your online questionnaire before hand by clicking here? This form is targeted for babies but is also required for older children, it gives me real insight into the stresses and strains your little ones may have been dealing with through your pregnancy and beyond
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    To make an appointment please book online here, email me or phone/text 07894 707745.  Please confirm that you have completed the form above. Please note we have a strict no show fee of £65 for any appointments canceled with less than 24hrs notice, this is to allow for the waiting list to be contacted so others can use your place.

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    Cranial osteopathy is such a light and uninvasive treatment for your child, its safe and kind. I'm happy to discuss any questions you have before or after your sessions with me, so please ask away.
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    Lastly, I'd love to hear about your experience here at The Family Osteopath and others do to, so please if you feel able to write a review I'd very much appreciate it -  The Family Osteopath Facebook page

Thats it, I really look forward to seeing and helping you all soon.

Best wishes


Ben Court – Registered Osteopath and founder of The Family Osteopath

Make your appointment today- Call / Text 07894 707745 or book online