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Good news ... a highly effective yet non invasive solution to aches, pains & ills

I'm Ben Court, registered osteopath. I love providing successful & gentle non invasive treatment using my specialism in Cranial Osteopathy to best help resolve & manage your aches, pains and ill health issues, for every life stage.  Whether acute or long term, traumatic in onset or having just popped out of the blue, I can help.

"While everyone's problem is different, almost all our patients report a resolution of their problem."

Osteopaths are specialist's healthcare professionals. I'm passionate about promoting and maintaining your great health, enabling you to live the life you want, free from the restrictions of pain and discomfort.

My approach is based on understanding and correcting the root causes resulting in the symptoms you suffer from.

You are assessed, treated and cared for as the individual you are.

Most of my patients enjoy a long term health relationship with me, safe in the knowledge that I know you and how your body reacts and best recovers from whatever life throws your way.

"One fact that makes my work so enjoyable, is seeing patients change so quickly. Worrying, fearful pain, nagging at you, questioning if you'll ever be right again, making you tired, grumpy, unable to play with the kids, all takes its toll. To see this toll lifting and you return to a bright, optimistic & energetic outlook is a privilege to see."

Why you should trust me with getting you pain free?

It takes 5 arduous years of study to gain an Osteopathic medical degree and a place on the Government's statutory register of osteopaths. This has taught me lots of things, but principally, that I am here to help patients get better, it's what I do best!

There's no substitute for experience, 17 years spent treating over 35,000 patients appointments, has refined my diagnosis, treatment and patient handling skills to a superior level.

When I was given the privilege of a clinic tutor position to the osteopathic medical degree undergraduates at Oxford Brookes university, many of my students would ask how they too could run a "successful" practice when they qualified. My answer was always the same - simply to care for your patient and support their health.

"Care for your patient's well being first and foremost, its the only factor truly within our control and an experience that a patient never forgets; really knowing that they are in safe hands with their best care at the heart of every second of treatment and consultation - its through this care that healing happens best"

The Benefits & advantages of being treated at The Family Osteopath

  • 1 Hour First Consultation

    this provides you and I loads of time to truly examine & understand what help you need, we'll discuss and hopefully put to bed any worries and fears about your condition and start treating you there and then to ensure that we arrive at the best solution to get you and keep you pain free and back to health as fast and effectively as possible.

  • As a cranial osteopathic specialist, there is NO clicking, crunching or painful treatments

    I am not going to hurt you, I promise, treatments are inhibitory and designed to reduce your pain in working with you not against.

  • Over 17 years of practitioner patient handling experience

    you're in good hands, I'm specialist in what I do and know how to get you pain free all within a friendly, caring and professional atmosphere.

  • Advice freely available on work and home life posture, exercises and rehabilitation

    I know you're happy when you're pain free and can stay pain free, so any help I can offer you will be given so you're not left high and dry in a few weeks.

  • No need to undress

    light flexible clothing can easily be worked around allowing you to enjoy your treatment in comfort whilst relaxed (light comfortable clothes are better though than skinny jeans and wooly jumpers!).

  • Choice of 30 or 60 minute follow up treatments

    no one likes to be rushed, your health is the most important thing, so where appropriate, longer sessions are available. These are also great for my patients who travel from far and wide to have treatments, but also for cases where the faster pace of life is a contributing factor, relax, slow down, breathe, its all going to be alright.

  • Open Monday - Friday
  • I enjoy great professional relationship with local GP's and Consultants

    so if in the unlikely event that your condition is either not progressing as we would expect, or I have concerns from the outset, a referral to the most suited healthcare professional or resource is easily on hand.

  • Pain free people are happier people

    enjoy reinvigorated relationships with your family, friends and work colleagues.

  • Never go there again

    you don't have to with a healthcare professional relationship like ours, I'll keep you on the straight and narrow.

  • Get answers

    enjoy a true understanding of what is causing your pain and how it can be resolved, knowledge is a great stress relief and chances are you problem is simple to resolve.

  • Reduce your prescription medications

    many of my patients have stopped relying on their daily dose of pain medications and realise how much better and organically healthier they feel; more energy, a bounce in their stride, mood lifted, back to their good old self. Look forward to starting the day with a yey as opposed to an ow!

Who uses my Cranial Osteopath Services

Adults, children and babies all benefit from cranial osteopathy. whether you are suffering from sciatica, migraines or re-flux my treatment is for those requiring a more relaxing osteopathic experience. My clients travel from all over Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire from places such as Swindon, Stroud, Cheltenham, Oxford, Cirencester and Gloucester for my specialist cranial therapy. I am near Lechlade, Chipping Norton Camden and Gloucester, Witney and Oxfordshire generally. Below is a list some of the most common complaints my clients have.

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Disc Problems
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Foot Pain (Orthotics)
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Osteopathy in Pregnancy
  • Sports Injuries
  • Headaches
  • Nerve Pain
  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint and Ligament Sprains

Here's what my patients are saying ...


For those of you who have suffered from any type of pain knows at best it can be annoying, niggling and a nuisance but at worst can be excruciating and debilitating. After only five appointments I am free from sciatic pain thanks to Ben at The Family Osteopath. How Cranial Osteopathy works I don't really know, though it was explained to me briefly in layman's terms, however this much I know and that is it works! Ben works with patience and understanding and has worked wonders to relieve my pain in such a short space of time. All I can say is 'thank you'!

J Sara

For the past 12 months Ben has been treating me for migraines. I had been plagued with these horrific headaches for 3 years or so and they were having the most dreadful effect on, not only my life, but my family's too. It was when my GP suggested I start taking beta blockers that I contacted Ben - I haven't look back since! In September of last year I was able to complete my first half marathon, something that would have been a physical impossibly 18 months ago. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough.

C Jones

Ben, I can't thank you enough for taking my headaches away, Boots next door will be out of business if you carry on, I hated taking painkillers for so long

Mrs Withall

Hi Ben,

Merry Xmas, just a quick thank you for all of the treatment over the pass 10 years. It is comforting to know that you are a call away. My issues have ranged from a niggle to severe, you have always fitted me in and eased my pains. Your advice regarding a torn meniscus was invaluable recommending I see a surgeon rather than more treatments (money saved thank you). I wish you and your family all the best in 2014 

Craig Rowe


Wow, what can i say, my 13 year old son has been transformed! Ben has magic hands and a wonder manner to which children can relate and trust. I was recommended to come to Ben from two friends and have since spoken about and realised that there are many more people who have also used Bens experience to help their children with many different issues. I wouldn't hesitated to encourage anyone to visit him, even the teachers at my sons school have asked for contact details as the changes they have seen in him have impressed them so much. Thankyou Ben, whatever you do is absolutely amazing!!

T Kirton

My wife took our 7 year old daughter along to Ben after tummy aches and feeling unwell turned into proper bouts of sickness, and the doctors could find no explanation. In addition she was pretty hellish to live with, in an almost permanent bad mood. A process of elimination led us to the conclusion that it was school - she is happy to go but the relentlessness of the days and weeks are a lot for her to cope with. Ben came highly recommended from several friends and his approach immediately put us all at ease. Florence improved after the first session and has not complained of feeling unwell since (going back to school will be a test!!). Four sessions later she is declared cured....we wait with baited breath!!

Our son is due to start school in September and is dreading it. Anna has already booked his first session with Ben

J MacCurrach


In a word - outstanding. Ben is a true professional. He listens, develops a tailored approach and his after care support is superb. My 6 week old bub had horrendous reflux and was in constant pain when lying on her back. I was having to have her sleep on me as she wouldn't lie down for periods of more than 5-10 mins. After the first appointment Ben was able to calm her and we saw dramatic improvements to her temperament and ability to sleep. She is now, thanks to Ben, a changed baby. So relaxed, happy to sleep on her back and gives us all many smiles and giggles. My family can't thank Ben enough for his support. He was also extremely patient and supportive with my 2.5 year old toddler in the consult room whilst he was helping my little bub.

J Hunter

Before Ben's cranial treatment, my 18 month old daughter was grizzly, unhappy and struggled to sleep. Within a few sessions of treatment the change in her was immense. My daughter is now a great sleeper and a happy child.

Within three treatments her hearing was much improved and she no longer felt isolated from the world as she could hear again!

Tabitha Symmonds

Having been unsure what to expect we will be forever grateful to Ben for his help with our 5 month old. He went from being a very clingy, quite unsettled baby who screamed if put down to a smiley, content boy within three sessions. Ben's clear explanations and kind manner also supported me to gently challenge my own reactions when Nathan cried and has helped me feel more confident. The whole process has been fantastic and I would highly recommend Ben to anyone. I felt reasurred immediately and feel very lucky to have been able to take my son to see such a kind and highly skilled practitioner.

L Bethal

Ben was fantastic with helping my 3 week old baby who has colic and also took the time to sit with us and explain exactly what was going on with my baby, what he was doing and how it all came together. After just 2 sessions with Ben my baby is a happier individual and has dramatically reduced colic symptoms. I would whole heartedly recommend Ben to anyone and especially parents as he is extremely gentle with babies and involves you in everything he does which is very reassuring to any parent.

C. Hughes

I had my beautiful twins in June they happy little boys but I noticed quite early on the one of them patrick was very stiff and becoming more restricted with his movements and his head always was facing to the right and with this his head was becoming more miss shaped i mentioned it to my health visitor a few times and she assured me its quite common which I knew from having six children but he was different , so I took him to see my gp he also assured me he was fine and would just grow out of it , i tried to carry on as normal and i tried laying him in different positions proping him up on his side it wasn't making any difference my gut feeling as a mum was there's somthing wrong so I approached health visitor again who finally agreed she could see his head was so much worse and somthing had to give!! so she put me in contact with Ben I was sceptical thinking he also may think I'm just another paranoid mummy but this wasn't the case instantly I felt at ease with him he was intrested in what I was saying finally I felt like sombody was understanding my gut feelings Ben court is an amazing man after just one session with him my little boy could completely move his head in both directions his whole body felt looser which gave me a much happier patrick after the second sesion I have full confidence that my boy will be totally fine and his head will make a full recovery mummys always follow your gut feelings u know your child best !!! And I have to say ben thankyou so so much what you have done not just for Patrick but to our whole family is amazing you truely do have magic hands and you've changed my babies future forever greatful Cassie ,Patrick and baby patrick xxx

C Smart

So do you want some help for you or your family?

Great! I'm excited to help and promise you that every bit of care and attention will be given to help you.

In becoming a patient at The Family Osteopath, you are guaranteed, safe and painless treatment.

Here's a breakdown of fees:

  • New patient 1 hour consultation & treatment: £80.00 / £75.00 (Adult/Child)
  • Follow up treatments: 1/2 hr - £62.00 / £57.00 (Adult/Child)

So what will happen @ your first appointment?

Your first appointment will take up to an hour to complete and in nearly all cases we aim to spend a considerable amount of this time in treatment to start getting you better on the day.

You'll be asked questions to understand your present condition, how it came to be with you and how its affecting your life. Further interest will be taken about your overall medical picture, both past and present so that I can gain a true understanding of who you are and how you've come to be in pain today.

By this stage, I'll have a good idea what the problem you are experiencing is all about, and you'll be free to ask as many questions as you wish so that its firm in your mind too, in fact is worth mentioning that at any stage you can ask me questions, its your body, your appointment and its you that needs to be fixed.

Then you'll be asked to lie down, face up in most cases, on my treatment couch in the most comfortable position for you. It might then be required that I conduct further tests if appropriate.

Treatment options and likely outcome will then be chatted through with you and then treatment can begin (where appropriate that is).

At the end of the treatment sessions, a comparison as to how you were before treatment and how you are at the end will give us both a firm indication of whether you can be fixed and how long this might take all things being equal.

You'll end the treatment session with more answers than you started and for most of my patients feeling considerably easier of both body and mind, safe in the knowledge that someone else has your back.

A follow up appointment time/date will then be decided upon and booked there and then. For acute cases of discomfort, this should be within three to five days, for more chronic cases then anytime in the next week is best.

My personal guarantee to you

I've always said that anyone who guarantees 100% of their patients get better 100% of the time, is either a mad man or misguided!

Its true to say, in medicine as a whole, that people respond differently from one case to the next, for reasons that all of my medical colleagues and I agree, but are unsure why - it's a frustration all round!

However, I am more than happy to give you a guarantee of, 100% first class intentions & attention through my professionalism and commitment to improving your health picture right from the off.

I enjoy 100% of our patients being 100% happy with the way they've been treated at The Family Osteopath.

ben 7

Make your appointment today- Call / Text 07894 707745 or book online

I nearly forgot to mention ...

Remember you're not alone in feeling pain and in experiencing difficulty carrying out your work and a whole host of other lifestyle activities you'd like to. It's understandable that your pain is making you miserable or worried, and feeling vulnerable like you're old before your time?

Stress is a massive contributor to you being in pain, but pain and lack of mobility in themselves are stressors too, particularly if you can't do the things in life you need or want to do.

You're in safe hands, I promise.  I look forward to meeting and helping you and your family.

Best wishes


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