What I ‘treat’?

Its a very big question that one, as modern regulations surrounding clinical based trials prevent, and quite rightly so, from any health practitioner making claims as to what they can “treat” without the necessary evidence to prove it!

It’s made even more tricky in that the conventional medical model does not sync with the osteopathic view point on health and disease processes. ¬†For example, we would see a cold as your bodies natural detoxification efforts, a healing crisis if you like, where as conventional medicine would say you caught a bug.

The best answer therefore is to give you a guide as to what conditions people present for me to have a look at helping in the clinic, below this you will find a list and explanation in many cases of more conventional issues.

Athletic and sports injuries


Back Pain

Buttock, Leg and Foot Pain

Children and Babies

Headaches, Migraine and Dizziness

Muscle Tension

Neck Pain and Whiplash

Osteoarthritis and Arthritic Pain

Pinched and Trapped Nerves




Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain

Slipped Discs

Stress Management and Stress Relief

Weakness, Numbness, Pins and Needles