Hi, I’m Ben registered osteopath at The Family Osteopath in Fairford, Gloucestershire.

I’ve put together a whole load of video’s to answer some of the most common questions I’m asked in everyday practice life.

Hopefully they’ll act as a resource to firstly put your mind at ease but also to fully understand what is happening with you or your loved ones so that you can find the help you need.

I have a total open policy whereby you can contact me at anytime to chat through any issues you may have, your body is amazing and it has the most amazing ability to get better, it just needs some help from time to time!

I can be contacted by phone 01285 712300, SMS 07894 707745 or email care@thefamilyosteopath.co.uk, alternatively you can always book your appointments online by visiting here – book online


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What causes Colic & Restless babies?

Should I use a Hot or Cold pack to ease my back/neck/other pain?

If I leave my back, neck, other pain alone, will it go away?